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I'm actually a little later on doing this than I had hoped, but that's alright. :)

I will be moving my posts and comm activity over to the name lepidopterror. I'll also be going through this journal and finishing making all the posts private, so you won't be finding much here. : )

Again, the username is:

lepidopterror lepidopterror lepidopterror
lepidopterror lepidopterror lepidopterror

If you should happen to check out my profile, perhaps also you would be interested in looking at singing_steak, an as-yet fledgling playlist/music community dusk will be co-modding with me on. I think it will be very exciting, and already two things are up for download, so why not check it out?

It's been real, babies. See you on the other side.

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Dec. 13th, 2006

This post is, quite simply, a compilation of beautiful and lovely things.
And yet, it is more than that. For example, there are rules for commenting on this post:
Somewhere, in your comment, you must include something that you find to be lovely.
Something that inspires you, makes you smile, or makes you cry with joy... as long as you find it beautiful, it is welcome here.
Be it the Posthumous Nocturne, a photograph of clovers, or an article that inspires... just post it.
Share your beautiful things with everyone else.
(In any event, I'll keep adding to this post, so come check it every now and then when you're feeling glum. ^-^)

[[Also: Please, if anything, let me know if something doesn't work, or if my formatting is off? I am not so good with HTML. ^^; ]]

Tiny slips of grass between my fingers
The blades tickle
nip my fingers with unseen teeth.
You pressed the blades between your tips,
filled the air with
Like a broken bird, like a fuse popping,
your sound died as it was born.
And never have you seemed more lovely.

- Lily

I glimpsed a bat with butterfly wings- oh, what marvelous things!Collapse )

Make love to good friends, trade revenge to open ends.

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Music, fic, and resource entries will all be public for the time being.


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